I take great care in the details of written music and midi production to ensure creation of a quality product. I aim to make the midi audio sound authentic and the written music fun, playable, and appropriately challenging.  My goals are to provide a complete musical audio vision of written music for Directors, their kids/staffs and producing first rate performance audio for Winterguard.  Focusing on quality audio helps spark ideas for design teams and helps the performers get familiar with and excited about the written music.  I use tools and sounds that are common in the studios of Hollywood composers and I use them to their fullest capabilities in order to produce a quality product.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for purchasing information or to discuss a future project.

Marching Band (Grade 4-5)

Road Trip

Marching Band (Grade 5)



Mirror Mirror

From the marching field to the Broadway stage, my work has been heard in multiple countries. Please find sample audio of my newest works below. Enjoy!

Sheet Music

Take a road trip across the United States and see the grandeur and beauty the American West has to offer.

Numbers are the cornerstone for all of our engineering marvels and innovation.  They have a cool history and have made an imprint on our superstitious beliefs.

The mirror reveals a lot about who we are but it only has power if we let it.  Shatter the mirror and become who you were always meant to be!



Chess is a game of strategy and determination.  A player will endure many failures before achieving success. Seize the advantage and win the game!

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